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“Universal” simulation of Markovian open quantum systems

M. Sc. Ryan Sweke (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Place: Sala de Reuniones 7
Time: 17.11.2015
Title: “Universal” simulation of Markovian open quantum systems

In this talk I will consider the problem of constructing a universal set of Markovian processes, such that any Markovian open quantum system, described by a one-parameter semigroup of quantum channels, can be simulated through sequential simulations of processes from the universal set. In particular, after briefly reviewing the typical formalism of open quantum systems, I will show how one can explicitly construct such a set, such that a necessary and sufficient for the simulation of an arbitrary Markovian semigroup is the ability to implement (a) quantum channels from the semigroups generated by the universal set of generators, and (b) unitary operations on the system. Furthermore, we provide an explicit algorithm for simulating the dynamics of a Markovian open quantum system using this universal set of generators, and show that it is efficient, with respect to this universal set, when the number of distinct Lindblad operators (representing physical dissipation processes) scales polynomially with respect to the number of subsystems.