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Quantum Sensing and Control Group

Quantum Sensing and Control Group

Nitrogen-vacancy (NV)centers in diamond promise to revolutionize detection and imaging techniquesat the nanoscale. Via the adequate application of radiation patterns over the NV quantum sensor, one can increase spectral resolution up to a level that allows us to detect and position individual nucleus in a target sample such as a large biomolecule. In the Quantum Sensing and Control team, we design quantum control protocols based on dynamical decoupling techniques to increase accuracy in detection and controlof large nuclear ensembles for important technological applications such as quantum information storage and processing, nuclear hyperpolarization, as well as for imaging purposes. We also investigate the use of dynamical decoupling methods,to coherently control and entangle trapped charged particles such as Ytterbium ions,for magnetrometry and scalable quantum computing purposes in their robust microwave hyperfine spin sublevels.

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