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Microwave Quantum Technologies and Architectures Group

Microwave Quantum Technologies and Architectures Group

The Microwave Quantum Technologies (MQT) research group, led by Dr. Mikel Sanz, is focused on exploring a wide variety of research topics, mainly frontier applications of Quantum Propagating Microwave technology and Superconducting Circuits. At the MQT group, we do not only do basic theoretical research, but we also collaborate intensively with several experimental groups.

The main research line revolves around using propagating quantum microwaves for Quantum Sensing and Quantum Communications. In the former, we make use of techniques derived from Quantum Metrology to push ahead the limits of Quantum Illumination and Quantum Radars. N the latter, the problem of distributed quantum computing between several quantum processors (quantum LAN) attracts our interest.

The second fundamental research area of the MQT group comprises the theoretical and experimental applications derived from the quantum memristor, fundamentally in the technology of superconducting circuits. We study the implementations and the properties of these devices not only with a purely fundamental interest, but also with a practical view focused on possible applications in quantum neural networks, simulation of non-Markovian dynamics, neuromorphic quantum computing, new non-linear optical devices in microwaves, such as photodetectors, among others.

In general, we also feel attracted by the possibilities and applications superconducting circuit technology, such as the stronger novel light-matter interaction, which allows us to observe the quantum Rabi model, the implementations of the Dynamical Casimir effect, and their use in quantum simulations and quantum computing, among others.

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