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Superconducting Circuits

In the arena of quantum technologies, one of the most promising candidates to become not only a quantum information processor, but also a platform in which new physics is explored, is the circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) or superconducting circuits. These macroscopic systems benefit from the phenomena of superconductivity, which enable macroscopic variables to exhibit quantum behaviour, and the Josephson effect, which provides the circuit naturally with nonlinearity. This
exponential-growing field operates in the microwave regime, which allows the inheritance of very well-developed microelectronics, along with a remarkable experimental progress and its wide applicability position cQED in the forefront in terms of scalability and coherent control.

We harness this versatile quantum platform for different purposes. From addressing new regimes of light-matter interaction by engineering unnatural couplings that possibly existed nowhere else in the Universe, to designing microwave photodetectors, it is not only our work in quantum computation in cQED that can be cited. We have also developed methods for measurement, entanglement detection, and state preparation, studied and designed different useful mechanisms held in this platform, and proposed quantum simulations of computationally hard problems exploiting the complex richness that superconducting circuits reveal.