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Microwave Quantum Communication

We develop the theory for the area of quantum communication implemented in the 1-10GHz frequency regime. This regime has been of particular interest in the last years, due to the advent of circuit QED platforms for quantum computation. This has led to results in the generation and manipulation of quantum states of the electromagnetic signals in the microwave regime.
In the past, we have proposed methods for quantum tomography of propagating fields, and for entanglement generation. This has been accompanied by experiments where our techniques have been successfully applied, and that has put the basis for the new field of MCQ. This has brought has to settle the theoretical basis for a microwave quantum teleportation protocol, together with a first experimental realization for the Bob measurement setup.
Our next goal is to realize a microwave quantum radar, in which an object is detected with a better time resolution due to the entanglement.

– Quantum teleportation with microwaves
– Quantum radar in the microwave regime
– Doppler quantum radar
– Microwave quantum memristor

Microwave Quantum Comunication
Scheme of the proposed quantum teleportation protocol.