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The International Center Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies (QUTIS), led by Prof. Enrique Solano, develops cutting-edge theoretical research for the sake of fundamentals and applications in interdisciplinary fields related to quantum computing and quantum technologies. We relate concepts in quantum optics (Prof. Xi Chen), quantum information (Prof. Iñigo Egusquiza), quantum matter (Prof. Enrique Rico), quantum sensing (Dr. Jorge Casanova), microwave quantum technologies and quantum architectures (Dr. Mikel Sanz), and quantum artificial intelligence (Prof. Enrique Solano). QUTIS Center is a dynamic, hard-working, and creative network of research groups led by world-class leaders with wide interests in arts, physics, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. We are strongly driven by intellectual curiosity, keeping as our main goal our aesthetic and scientific expression in an interdisciplinary and international environment. At the same time, we constantly search that our original cross-disciplinary ideas have a realistic approach towards experimental implementations and technological applications. QUTIS Center is committed to the team-oriented production of novel and influential ideas at the highest research level, where creative and innovative concepts merge with quantum technologies.

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