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Modeling the ability to tell stories – telling, inventing, and composing

Prof. Pablo Gervás (Instituto de Tecnologías del Conocimiento – Facultad de Informática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Place: Sala de Reuniones 7
Time: 24.5.2016
Title: Modeling the ability to tell stories – telling, inventing, and composing

Story generation was one of the tasks that pioneering AI undertook in its initial goal of modelling human intelligence. In recent years it has been the focus of renewed attention as a result of its potential role in the new modes of entertainment  — video games  and interactive media –, the surge of storytelling as driving strategy in communication campaigns, and the technological advances that make possible the computational treatment of aspects that were beyond our reach before. Our research group NIL  (Natural Interaction based on Language, has been working for the last 15 years in the development of computational models of literary creativity.  My talk will review a number of our research lines and it will endeavour to explain the challenges of integrating and juxtaposing the clashing worlds of humanities research and computational modelling.