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From black hole dynamics to (quantum) quenches

Dr. Julian Sonner (University of Geneve)

Place: Seminar Room, Dept. of  Theoretical Physics
Time: 4.11.2015
Title: From black hole dynamics to (quantum) quenches

AdS/CFT duality, one of the most exciting recent conceptual developments in theoretical physics, relates ordinary quantum field theories to theories of quantum gravity. We can therefore use our understanding of gravity to further our understanding of field theory and its applications, and vice versa. In this talk I will describe how this leads to insights into the physics of strongly correlated matter, paying particular attention to nonequilibrium dynamics. In the context of holographic duality this leads us to the study of black holes and their dynamical properties, and we will explore how their universal relaxation dynamics gives insights into the equilibration dynamics of strongly-coupled quantum field theories.