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Cooling, heating and manipulation of ions in the TRAPSENSOR project

M. Sc. Manuel Gutiérrez (Universidad de Granada)

Place: Sala de Reuniones 7
Time: 23.5.2016
Title: Cooling, heating and manipulation of ions in the TRAPSENSOR project

In this seminar, the basics of ion trapping experiments will be discussed, as well as some of the work carried out within the TRAPSENSOR project. First, it will be shown how Earnshaw’s theorem forbids the trapping of charged particles with electrostatic potentials alone. The two ways to overcome it, i.e. Paul and Penning traps, will be introduced, using the TRAPSENSOR facility as an example. After that, the Doppler cooling mechanism will be briefly discussed, taking a closer look at the calcium ion’s electronic structure in this matter. The next stage will be discussing the ‘heating rate’: its relevance, causes, and the parameters it depends upon will be shown. Finally, the motion of an ion in a Penning trap and some manipulation procedures, namely dipole and quadrupole excitations, will be addressed. Two widely used techniques based on this procedures, that is, ion-cyclotron resonance and buffer gas cooling, will be explained.